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Yes, We Have UFO Crash Wreckage

With the New York Times chasing crashed saucers and Trump talking on-the-record, Roswell remains the original sin of the UFO cover-up.

Read the full write-up by Bryce Zabel on Medium.


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Jul 13, 2020

Hi Christopher, firstly, thank you for for bringing attention to this subject. Secondly, when will we move forward to address the "Elephant in the room" ? The united States is the foremost technological power in any battlespace today. If we have unidentified vehicles that can outperform the F.18, and do so with ease, with performance capabilities the U.S cannot match, these vehicles would not seem to be Russian or Chinese. These would seem to be from a third party who remains (to this point at least) unknown. How do we move the conversation to the point where people start joining the dots. Surely Russia and China have experienced the same issues ? We need to come to terms with the…


paul reddington
paul reddington
Jul 13, 2020

Hi Christopher are you aware of what the supposed NYT article may entail CR wise ? (cheeky I know) plus I sincerely hope you and Luis will consider appearing on Joe rogans show too given its mass reach to people around the world I've tweeted hard to get it viral.

Keep up the great work Chris whilst there are detractors you have a great many who support the TTSAs goal of educating the reality of we as a race are not alone and never have been.

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