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How Government Over-Classification May Hide UFO Videos and Harm Our Security

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Esteemed Members of the Japanese Parliament, I want to first of all express my profound respect and admiration for the remarkable step you have taken by establishing a caucus dedicated to Unidentified


tim dust
tim dust
Jul 07, 2022

Hi Chris: I interviewed Lue Elizondo. I would be honored if I could interview you on my YouTube Show entitled: "UFO MAN". My Channel is almost at 40k subs and I have had many requests for you as a guest speaker. Are you game? I can be reached at or at 320-330 -4740. Ask for Tim. Regards TD/UFO MAN 07/07/22


May 18, 2022

Hi Chris, we'd love to speak to you for the Times in London about the congress hearing today on UFOs. Do let me know if that might be possible. Many thanks, Hugo


May 14, 2022

The over classification issue really is a potential threat to all nations. We have to address the origin of the threat and clearly put to bed whether these are from a DOD Black Program. If they aren't ours, we are in trouble either way. Perhaps, the biggest unknown is what are the intensions of the people who operate them, is it just surveillance or something more sinister?

Several programs regarding UAP's have shown that sinister behavior by them is possible and I believe the information presented to be correct. If so, then what provokes the owner of these objects to turn sinister when so much of their operations have been peaceful?

I sincerely believe the USAF's NORAD refuses to acknowledge…


Mar 23, 2022

Isn't it curious why a defense contract co. would publish an article saying aliens aren't real? Do they have skin in the game??? UFO Sightings Are Real, but Aliens Are Not Responsible – Now. Powered by Northrop Grumman


Mar 21, 2022

Do you get the feeling Chris that these discussions are getting us nowhere and that yourself and Lue now find yourselves in the same position as Richard Dolan and the late Stanton Friedman and others? It is as if every 10/20 years Governments allow themselves to comment on the phenomenon and then they permit themselves to say nothing for the next decade or two. You all work very hard to position the US Government in an uncomfortable place so that they have to comment but they are clearly resolute about the truth remaining hidden. What can you do? Maybe you could look closely at points of Law - you could use a judge of vast experience to tell you…

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