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Inaugural Address to the Japanese UAP Caucus

Esteemed Members of the Japanese Parliament, I want to first of all express my profound respect and admiration for the remarkable step you have taken by establishing a caucus dedicated to Unidentified


Jan 26

Chris: I am very concerned about the recent debunking article by Sean Kirkpatrick in Scientific American and some recent mainstream debunking articles against UAP sighting reports and the credibility of the established UFO community. Wikipedia references are being altered to further discredit credibility. Think you need to publish a formal article asap on this before this gets further out of control! Best regards, Dennis

Exclusive: Why Reported UFO Sightings Will Drop (


Dec 24, 2023

Yes, Native American culture and spiritual practices have taken a serious hit since the invasion of North America by Europeans. However, I find it doubtful that most Native Americans today would choose to revert back to existing as their ancestors did, living off the land as hunters and gatherers which, for most, was a short and difficult life that was fraught with physical hardship. However, we may all be living that way, at least the ones who survive, if we do not change the direction in which our civilization is presently heading. UFO Disclosure is the ONLY strategy I can see with the potential to do that. Besides, we have to live our lives in reality , whatever that reality…

Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas
Jan 03
Replying to

It is questionable if Chris should have been referring to the genocide of Native Americans at all. But one thing is clear - the unwashed vermin responsible for that genocide, under the disgusting premise of divine right, were not living at a high [or higher] standard of living than the indigenous peoples, but were mostly involved in a dirty, primitive [unwashed to be sure] obsessive greed over land/gold, and largely caught up in trying to bring the beaver to extinction. The Native peoples lived off the land through hunting, gathering and FARMING [even plains tribes] and provided the crops that the colonialists used. Your projections are ignorant. Now both peoples have a more materially developed [corporatized] standard of living w…


Harry Harris
Harry Harris
Nov 30, 2023

The current legislation battle going on in the HOR may be crucial to making further steps in the right direction towards getting public awareness of the phenomenon. I am already seeing so many distractions to the topic that undermine the seriousness of the subject. Based on the Joe Rogan interview with David Grusch you would think that that platform would be really informative but unfortunately there seem to be very powerful defense contractor aligned political forces in Congress that may change the current direction of 'Disclosure'. IMO the more time these contractors have of 'hands off' this subject the more that whatever power is derived from their research on the craft or materials recovered becomes the domain of corporations and…

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