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TTSA Talks - The UAP Data Problem

In this episode of TTSA Talks, Tom DeLonge speaks with Chris Mellon, TTSA Advisor and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence with 20 years in the federal government under Clinton and Bush. They discuss the lack of hard data in regard to the UAP phenomenon, the inherent difficulty of getting the government's attention and how TTSA's SCOUT and VAULT projects will tackle both of these challenges head on.


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Jun 19, 2022


Support Congress. U.A.P. investigations.

Support, NASA , US SPACE FORCE, ESA, and SPACE X, investigations of U.A.P. Contact

Support your women and men in the military service, in the line of duty, regarding U.A.P. airspace safety intrusions.

Support your soldiers guarding nuclear missile U.A.P. intrusions.

Support air traffic controllers. regarding U.A.P. airspace violations. End the stigma

Support police officers responding to U.A.P. related sightings, and victim's of CE5 cases.

Support military medical teams, training EMTs, and firemen for wounds, associated with AHI anomalous heath incidents.

This list does not cover it thus far, for what we know, and have documented etc.

💫 It is there, and it is a real national security issue.

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